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Some Fun Facts about the Chair:

  • The first chair dates back around 5000 years, back to the times of Ancient Egypt. During this time, only VIPs used them
  • The word ‘chair’ comes from the Latin word ‘cathedra’, which means to sit
  • Chairs didn’t become popular until the 16th century; before that, people used to sit on the floor at all times
  • Sitting for too long, be it at reception seating or on any other type of chair, is actually bad for your health
  • Charles Darwin accidentally invented the office chair; he put wheels on his regular chair because he didn’t want to keep getting up and down to fetch things!
  • When working out your new office desk design, make space for ergonomic chairs. These have a range of features which are designed for comfort – most of these features aren’t used by the majority of people
  • Atlanta’s Dennis Easterling set the record for the longest amount of time moving in a rocking chair – 20 days in one stretch!
  • It seems Shakespeare loved his chair – he mentioned chairs three times in Henry VI, part 3
  • Germany held the first office chair race in 2009

Some Fun Facts about the Snowman:

  • The first-ever snowman documented was in the illustration from work that was entitled Book of Hours, way back in 1380 – and it was found in Koninklijke Bibliotheek in The Hague. The biggest snowman of all time was created in Bethel, Maine, in 2008. The snow-woman was a whopping 122 feet tall in height and was called Olympia, in honor of the US senator representing the state of Maine, Olympia Snowe. The previous record was also set in 2009 in Bethel, Maine, and was called Angus, King of the Mountain, in honor of the governor of Maine, Angus King – who was 113 feet 7 inches.

  • The people of Zurich, Switzerland, love a good snowman – love blowing them up, that is! Every single year since 1818, the city celebrates the start of spring by blowing up a snowman – and the holiday is known as Sechseläuten. To begin the celebrations, on the third Monday of April, a cotton snowman named the Böögg is stuffed with dynamite and is paraded through the town by blacksmiths, bakers, and various other tradesmen, who throw all sorts of sausages and bread to the crowd.
    At the end of the parade, Böögg is placed on a 400ft high pile of scrapped wood. The bells of the Church of St. Peter chime six times, which represents the passing of winter and the start of spring. Winter is officially over as soon as the snowman is blown up – and the shorter the combustion, the long summer is supposed to be.

  • Since 2005, private resident Billy Powers erects Snowzilla every pre-Christmas season in his front yard. Snowzilla is a giant snowman that attracted attention on its first appearance, and so has returned every year due to popular demand.
    Not everyone likes Snowzilla, though. One of Billy’s neighbors complained that the 22ft snowman, which features beer bottle eyes, a carrot nose, and a corncob pipe, was resulting in heavy traffic and warned of safety concerns in 2008. City officials issued a cease and desist, which prevented Snowzilla from being completed – but just a few days later, Snowzilla was completed on the lawn, although Billy Powers denied making it. The next year, following public outcry, Snowzilla returned with interference. The above image is the earliest known photograph of a snowman and has been recorded in The National Library of Wales. The photo was taken in 1853.

  • Japan holds the Guinness World Record for the most snowmen built in one hour. An incredible 2,036 snowmen were built in just sixty minutes by Drama 24 Unhandyman on Zuriyama Observation Field, in Akabira, Hokkaido, Japan, on 28 February 2015.
    The group consisted of 1,406 participants and the event took place during the filming of a TV drama, with even the actors participating in the record.
    It took a Guinness World Record adjudicator and 4 witnesses two hours to measure and count the snowmen, whilst thirty stewards ensured participants used no tools and stopped on the adjudicator’s signal.

  • Karen Schmidt from Minnesota, USA, owns the largest collection of snowmen in the world, according to the Guinness World Records. The American collector owns 5,127 snowmen items and counting and started her snowman collection back in 1980. Karen loves all her snowmen, but her favorites have to be the pink snowman that sings the festive song “Santa Baby” and a red bird making a snowman.

Some Fun Facts about the Pear:

  • Asian pears were cultivated in China as early as 1134 B.C.
  • There are over 3000 varieties of pears grown around the world.
  • The first pear tree was planted in the North America in 1620 in the Massachusetts Bay colony.
  • The Chinese considered the pear, which they call “li,” to be a symbol of immortality. The destruction of a pear tree symbolized tragic or untimely death.
  • Before tobacco was introduced in Europe, pear leaves were smoked.
  • March 15th is National Pears Helene Day.
  • Most pears (about 95%) sold in the U.S. are grown on the west coast, in Washington, Oregon, and Northern California.
  • The Bartlett is the most popular variety of pear in the United States.
  • Pears were used as a natural remedy against nausea in ancient Greece.